Thursday, March 4, 2010

Magic in the Woods: Part 2

I have been posting a bit this winter about the thrill of finding the unexpected in the ordinary. Whether it's a red cardinal brightening up a winter landscape, or little gnome-houses planted on a walking trail, these are the reasons I continue to believe in wonder and the power of the imagination.

This past weekend I visited the deCordova museum in Lincoln Mass, and was absolutely delighted with the outdoor sculpture park, accessible any time of year. Here are some highlights:

Rain Gates, 2000, Ron Rudnicki

Bark Balls, 202, by Caroll Spack

The Musical Fence, 1980, Paul Matisse

A Mile from Any Neighbor from Walden, 1999, Christopher Frost

Cones, 2006, Ronald Gonzales


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Easter Collection

Here is my new line of paper products and textiles, available now in stores across the country. Colorful Fun tableware is accented by the Funny Bunny products, all in time to cheer up your Spring parties.